• We Are All Connected: Simple Steps To Reconnect
    Nature is not just a backdrop for our daily activities. Begin to see yourself as part of this intricately connected web of life.
  • Ask Grand Master Lu: Food As Energy
    You asked, he answered. Find out what Grand Master Lu has to say about energy from natural versus processed foods.
  • Ancient Story, Modern Message: Tiger Son
    This ancient story reminds us that a change in perspective can help us see a situation from a new angle, which can lead to many rewards.
  • Fall Health From an Energetic Perspective
    Our health is impacted not only by what we put into it, but by what we do to support it. Fall is the best time to support and clean up the Lung.
  • Shine, Mars…Shine Bright!
    On Tuesday, Mars makes its closest approach to Earth since 2003. As you bask in the light of the Red Planet, let your light shine from within!
  • Nature: Our Best Teacher
    We are a part of Nature, rooted to life's energy. As we explore health and healing, we can look to Nature as the best teacher.
  • Nature’s Power
    People are part of Nature. We are part of the Universe. This energy—this power and wisdom—is part of who you are and will be with you forever.
  • Life Lessons from Bamboo
    Nature provides many life lessons, if only we know how to read them. What can we learn from Nature's rooted yet flexible plant, bamboo?
  • The Importance of Qi to Health and Healing
    How does Qi work and how does energetic imbalance affect health and healing? All of TCM points to this simple wisdom: When a body is in balance, dis-ease cannot enter.
  • Spring: Nature’s Renewal
    Spring is Nature's time for renewal. It's a time for rebirth and restoration both within the outer world and within you. Can you feel the energy of Spring?
  • Life Lessons from an Early Spring Snowfall
    With this recent Spring snowfall, new blossoms were buried under inches of cold snow. Still, they will find a way to bloom! What life lessons can we glean from Nature?
  • Silence is Golden
    So much of our lives is filled with noise. We are so accustomed to it that we often feel the need to "fill the silence." But true silence is beautiful, majestic and rejuvenating.