Weight Loss

  • 7 Tips For Sustainable Weight Loss
    Sustainable weight loss is about much more than just the food. Follow these 7 tips to find greater health and balance in 2024.
  • Four Foods For Weight Loss
    Eating for healing is a major concept in Chinese medicine. Which foods made our list?
  • Four of TCM’s Top Weight-Loss Foods
    TCM's approach to weight loss lies in a few well-kept secrets: a balanced body and a diet rich in Qi-boosting fruits and vegetables that are warm and nurturing.
  • Overweight or Out of Balance?
    As long as your body is balanced, disease cannot enter. As long as your body is balanced, weight will drop off naturally.
  • Melt Away Those Extra Pounds
    Many people resolve to lose weight in the new year. Often, that entails diet and exercise routines. But all too often, the weight that is lost comes back on. Learn how to use an entirely new type of thinking to rebalance the body and take the weight off for good, with Dragon's Way Qigong.
  • The Secret to Great Health
    This simple secret can change the way you eat, and the way you view food.
  • Lucia’s Slim-Down With TCM and Qigong
    Through her journey with TCM, Lucia learned how emotions impact the body, both physically and emotionally.
  • A Body in Balance: TCM’s Perspective on Weight Loss
    Clearly something is out of balance. More than half of all American adults are overweight or obese, according to a survey conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. One-third meet the criterion for obesity, based on body mass index, as defined by Federal clinical practice guidelines released in 2006 by the National Heart, Lung, […]
  • 7 Tips For Sustainable Weight Loss
    Most weight-loss strategies are focused on external factors—it’s all about the weight, and the food. Counting calories, adding points, measuring food and even deny food cravings has become the norm. This limited view punishes the body.  In reality, excess weight is the body’s way of showing that it’s out of balance. Learning how to listen […]
  • Letting It All Go: Emotional Cleansing for Mind-Body-Spirit Health
    Because our mind, body, and spirit are connected, the underlying cause of excess weight or other ailments is almost always related to our emotions. You are what you eat, but on a deeper level, you are what you feel and think! To manifest your best and healthiest body, it's important to clean up your emotional "garbage."
  • Four Healthy Foods To Help You Lose Weight
    You may be surprised to learn that this list doesn’t include yogurt, raw foods, or salad! Chinese medicine has an entirely different take on how to best eat for weight loss and a healthy metabolism. The Eastern nutrition way is not to count your calories, minerals, or vitamins, but to eat foods that will energetically […]
  • Stress-Banishing Tips to Reboot Your Metabolism
    Feeling stressed just thinking about your stress and if it’s affecting your health and metabolism? Not to worry: here’s what Chinese medicine has to say about stress and how shedding its effects (and those extra pesky pounds) can be as simple as following a few age-old, do-it-yourself techniques. Stress can play a major role in the […]