Stress-Banishing Tips to Reboot Your Metabolism

Feeling stressed just thinking about your stress and if it’s affecting your health and metabolism? Not to worry: here’s what Chinese medicine has to say about stress and how shedding its effects (and those extra pesky pounds) can be as simple as following a few age-old, do-it-yourself techniques.

Stress can play a major role in the development of many health conditions, such as excess weight and obesity. More than a bit scary when you think about the fact that the majority of Americans are over-stressed! It causes energy imbalances and low energy which in turn impact all bodily functions, including that of your organs and your metabolism.

Because your overall health depends on a healthy metabolism and good organ function, your body will always alert you with symptoms – including excess weight – hoping that you’ll pay attention and cut your stress levels before they really do some damage.

Luckily, Qigong, Tai Chi, meditation, as well as acupuncture and lifestyle modifications, can all help you de-stress and rebalance your body and metabolism. Don’t wait another minute, however; stress relief can start today. Here are some effective, do-it-yourself tips that we teach in our popular stress relief and weight loss mind-body-spirit program, The Dragon’s Way:

1) Ever been stressed but unable to express your frustration in the moment? Later, when you’re in a safe space, scream, cry, stomp your feet – kids do it, adults can too! Vent those emotions; it’s healthier than keeping them pent up.

2) Break something – eggs, balloons, or even plates! Sounds silly, but the energetic vibration of this age-old Chinese stress relief tip stimulates your Liver, the organ most sensitive to stress and a crucial organ for metabolism function, allowing it to recuperate. (Now you know the real reason why many cultures have a ritual of smashing plates at weddings…)

Getting stressed just thinking about stress relief? Try participating in a Dragon’s Way class at our center in NYC or with a certified instructor in your area.