Kitchen Pharmacy: Hangover Remedies

Most of us have experienced it—a fun night of partying that leads to a not-so-great morning-after. Your head throbs, your body aches, your stomach rumbles. So, what can you do to treat the hangover blues?

Dr. Vinny Caruso of New Jersey Total Health offers his wisdom and guidance in the video below. He explains that the Liver helps the body to process stress and alcohol. If your body is already in a state of stress prior to drinking, the Liver has to work that much harder to recover.


These simple tips will help boost your Liver’s function so it can better process your night of overindulgence:

1. Practice Energy Gate #1: In Chinese medicine, the most important thing is prevention. How do you prevent something? You make it strong—you keep it moving. This acupressure “cure-all” point helps the whole digestive system function. It is located where the index finger bone forms a “V” with the thumb bone. Massage this point with your opposite thumb anytime you’re feeling bloated or uncomfortable.

2. Eat Foods with Cooling Properties: The Liver gets heated from stress and excess alcohol. Pears, radishes, fresh ginger, lemon, honey, and green tea are cooling foods that strengthen the Liver’s function.

3. The Stronger the Better: When you have a hangover, make everything in a strong concentration. If a recipe calls for 2 tea bags, use 4. If tea is to simmer for 3 minutes, simmer for 6 instead.

4. Go Warm, Not Cold: Your body’s average temperature is a toasty 98.6 degrees. Drinking or eating things that are cold requires too much energy. When you’re not feeling well, you want to conserve as much energy as possible.



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