Digesting the Universe

The reviews are coming in noting the life-changing impact of Master Lu’s latest work, Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function. Poppy Johnson at luxuryreading.com says “Digesting the Universe is simply fascinating. My book has so many tabs in it, so many notes in the margins, so many pieces of paper stuck out with additional notes on it, so many references that I want to look up on the Internet later, that I can hardly pick the book up and I can hardly put the book back down.”

She explains that this book is “…capable of opening the reader’s eyes to a life-changing discourse as to how your body really works, what you should be aware of to live longer, and how you are probably eating all the wrong things that will potentially kill you faster.”  And continues with, “According to Lu, our earthly reality is made up of various types of energy–all of life is energy…Our bodies are not permanent facets of life but rather in a continual state of change. By being aware of how our bodies function, and how organs function best, we can help ourselves be better–eat, sleep work, run, lose weight, etc. better.”

She concludes, “If you’re ready to understand your body in a completely different way, buy this book…It’s a book that’s a journey, not just a one-time read, and it’s one that belongs on any reference shelf.”

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