The Chinese say that if you talk to a stone, even though it can’t answer you, you still have to talk to it as if it were alive. And through your pure faith, God will make a miracle. It’s not you–it’s God–it’s your faith in the reality that nothing is impossible.

-Grand Master Lu

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One Response to Words of Wisdom: Making Miracles
  1. (with all my respect)
    My answer:
    I believe that nothing is impossible, this is a belief. If I did not believe in that, would not even be a belief. I believe that anything can happen and that everything is possible. I believe that everyone can believe, but some will not do so. – If the totality of our actions are meant to be because it is destined to happen, then everything we are able to do is the possible, never the impossible. Looking at things this way, really nothing is impossible, but incapacity may exist. And being incapable is a human factor, it never is as universal as belief is. That is why they do not bond. If we are incapable, it is because we are not properly thinking. When you believe that we are part of the universe, you will see that everything is possible when we know that the universe is everything. Everything is the existence. And existence is all about possibilities 🙂
    Please comment as you feel.
    I am willing to learn from you ^^ and the Universe that is us~


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