The Mirror of Your Emotions

Inner Vision

The mind is not just the mind you think with and process information with every day. We’ve seen that it is far more; it also relates to your “inner vision.”Sometimes, the mind shows itself in visible phenomena such as a beautiful smile or an angry scowl.

The mind can only show itself through emotions. These energetic frequencies play over and over again on our faces. Chinese medicine considers the face to be the mirror of emotions. In ancient times, it was understood that the best facial helped a woman change her emotions. The aim was to improve the invisible energy of emotions first in order to impact the physical. The truth is your whole body, not just your face, is a mirror of the energetic frequencies of emotions. Your body and mind exchange mass all the time.

Emotions might also show themselves in energetic frequencies that can be picked up by technology, as in a polygraph test or heart-rate reading. What you are seeing in visible forms are the effects of the motion of mind as it processes emotions, information and spirit. Or, sometimes, you might encounter a visible event. Weeks later, your mind may process it at the invisible level.

Belief and Emotions

Two important aspects of the mind have a major impact on healthy metabolism function: belief and emotion. Beliefs create the emotions that show on the 3D screen of the body. The Five Element Framework helps us to decipher the emotions and their relation to each organ system. The Liver is related to anger, stress, frustration and irritability; the Heart to excessive joy; the Stomach to worry and overthinking; the Lung to sadness or grief and the Kidney to fear or shock. These particular energetic frequencies if experienced chronically or excessively, will ultimately unbalance the function of the mass of its associated organ. Energy flows both ways. Emotions affect the course of all health conditions.



How do your body and health reflect what is happening on an emotional and spiritual level? In this video, Grand Master Nan Lu explains the connection between your emotions and your physical being.


Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function by Nan Lu, OMD with Ellen Schaplowsky