Finding Inner Peace

Without inner peace, health has no place to stay. Health is the byproduct of a balanced and harmonized body. Can your body, mind and Spirit find balance?


You cannot focus on health to get healthy. In the same way, a gardener cannot focus on the flowers to help his garden grow. He must attend to all of the surrounding elements: soil, water, temperature, fertilizer and nutrition. If he allows his garden to meet the requirement, the flowers will bloom. That is Natural Law. Health is the same way.  If your body, mind and Spirit are balanced, your body will produce health.


Start with your mind and shift your beliefs to help create an internal environment of peace. Click below to hear Grand Master Nan Lu talk about inner peace and learn a meditative breathing technique to support this process.

Want to Learn More?

Blogs: Learn how the Heart, the organ system in command during the Summer months, is impacted by inner peace.

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