Teach Qigong

Prepare To Be Transformed

Your physical and emotional shifts become first-hand experiences that allow you to pass the healing power of Dragon’s Way Qigong® to others. Whether you are interested in this course for self-cultivation or have the desire to teach, the benefits are personal and transcend what we know of today as health.

The comprehensive nature of the Dragon’s Way Qigong system focuses on all areas of life. From Qigong practice to healthy eating you’ll increase energy levels, improve digestion and learn how to successfully partner with the body by reading signs of imbalances before they become physical health issues.

You’ll feel internal shifts you never thought possible. You’ll learn how to understand your body from a Five Element Consciousness framework so every sign becomes an opportunity to tune into the body’s natural healing abilities.

Combined, all these areas set the stage for what some have called miracles.  The only miracle is the fact that the body’s natural healing wisdom has been re-discovered.  Use these gifts for yourself, your family and potentially teach others.

Certification is a must if you wish to teach Dragon’s Way Qigong

When you successfully complete the process, you will receive Grand Master Lu’s permission to energetically and spiritually carry the Dragon’s Way Qigong message.

Our requirements for this intensive:
  • Passion to explore the Eastern understanding of Qi
  • Openness to explore a renewed relationship with your body
  • Willingness to accept the body has healing potential

As a certified instructor, you will be able to take this powerful program to your community, incorporate it into your current practice or simply begin a new career. Yes, this program has the potential to help you make a living while helping others step into a whole new way of living life more fully. It’s a win-win for everyone!!

We attract people from a broad range of professions and some who are looking to deepen their understanding of TCM. (individuals, nurses, body-workers, doctors, acupuncturists, social workers, psychologists, Life Coaches, Qigong instructors, and individuals seeking a new professional path) Continuing education credits are offered.

Continuing Education Credits

  • 30 PDAs available through NCCAOM (Acupuncturists)
  • 30 NBHWC CEs (Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches)
  • 16 ICF Credits (Health Coaches)

What Guides the Transformation?

  • A deep dive into the world of Qi
  • Study of Taoist healing and traditional Chinese medicine
  • Proficiency in 10 Wu Ming Qigong forms
  • Study of Five Elements to cultivate a partnership with the body’s energy flow
  • Study of how emotions limit organ function and create serious imbalances
  • Connection to the body’s signals of imbalances versus disease
  • Honoring the digestive system through our TCM eating-for-healing plan
  • Understanding the function and role of herbs in the Dragon’s Way Qigong
  • How to teach basic theories in an engaging manner
  • How to relate to your students/clients to maximize results
  • How to answer student questions from a TCM perspective
  • Practical tips for organizing and promoting your six-week programs
  • How to enjoy the gift of life!

Begin Your Journey

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