ASPARGUS AND CITRUSAsparagus are a hearty vegetable and can help cool the body and support the Liver. Peaches are known to have anti-inflammatory properties.
CARROTS AND ALMONDSSuch a quick dish to accompany any meal. Carrots support Earth energy while the almonds will support healthy Lung function.
BLUEBERRY BANANA BREADSatisfying as a meal or snack, this bread has a sweet yet sour taste from the blueberries which are great for the Liver and Stomach.
SUMMER ROASTED VEGGIESThis dish supports digestion from enhancing Liver function with cooling and crunchy celery, Stomach function with earthy mushrooms, and Lung function with white cauliflower.
REFRESHING AVOCADOThis dish is perfect for summertime. It cools and refreshes the liver, giving the heart a good break during the hot summer months.
SWEET CHICKEN STRIPSChicken has a warm essence and is helpful in individuals who have cold limbs. It is also known to tonify Qi and blood and is a good source of immune support.
LEFTOVER BROCCOLI WITH PEACHESSweet for the Stomach and cooling for the Heart peaches help promote Qi and bood circulation. Enjoy your leftovers as you relax with this delicious meal. Add slivered almonds for an extra touch.
CRISP BROCCOLIBroccoli has a cooling effect on the body and is known to help clear excess heat.
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