Beth’s Zucchini BreadIn TCM, zucchini is considered beneficial for the Liver as it helps to cool excess heat in the body, supports detoxification, and promotes a healthy liver function by reducing inflammation.
CHICKPEA SALADChickpeas have blood-building properties due to their iron content. In TCM theory, foods that nourish blood are often recommended for individuals who are experiencing symptoms of blood deficiency, such as fatigue, pale complexion, or dizziness.
SPROUT SOUPSoy sprouts are often considered to have a cooling nature and support the health of the kidneys and bladder, helping to promote hydration.They also support digestion and may help alleviate symptoms associated with excess heat in the body, such as inflammation or skin conditions. Sesame oil has warming properties and helps with joint pain or stiffness.
HARMONY NOODLESCabbage and sweet potatoes are considered to tonify qi in TCM. They provide a nourishing and energizing effect, promoting vitality and well-being. Leftover can be the ingredients for a soup.
FLOUNDER SOUPFlounder's delicate flavor lends itself well to blending with other flavors without overpowering them. In TCM flounder supports Kidney function. Incorporating flounder into the diet is a way to promote well-being.
GARDEN CASSEROLELeeks have detoxifying properties in TCM. They help eliminate toxins from the body, particularly from the Liver and Gallbladder. Other vegetables selected help balance the digestive system and promote overall well-being.
BROCCOLI RABE AND NOODLES In TCM, broccoli rabe is believed to have a cleansing effect on the Liver, helping to remove toxins and promote liver health. A healthy Liver is essential for overall well-being and vitality.
SWEET POTATO NOODLE FRYIn TCM, sweet potatoes are considered beneficial for spleen and stomach health. They are believed to support digestion and help alleviate symptoms of indigestion. Mushrooms enhance the body's resistance to pathogens and promote overall immune function.
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