“Everything is about energy. All energy is consciousness. All consciousness has a purpose. At TCMWF we will help you discover your purpose.” - Nan Lu





About Us

We are a unique community of individuals who are passionate about sharing the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and how it relates to body,mind, spirit healing.

TCM World Founders

Professor Xi-Hua Xu

Professor Xu is a respected scholar, researcher and lecturer on Qigong and Taoist philosophy. For 27 years, he served as professor in the Chinese history department at Yunan University, where he developed a specialty in Taoism and its effect on longevity, human consciousness and extrasensory perception (ESP). His work with the Chinese Qigong Association, China’s government body dedicated to qualifying Qigong experts and advancing this ancient self-healing energy system, led to a national seminar series from 1988 to 1990 on Taoism and healing. He is a specialist in cancer, heart disease, diabetes and problems of organ system functions.


Nan Lu, OMD

From my earliest days of practicing traditional Chinese medicine more than two decades ago, I felt a great passion to introduce this unique perspective on health and healing to as many people in our culture as possible. Today, I feel that passion more than ever. I saw that educating, patients, students and professionals through our TCM World Foundation would help bring the principles, theories and practices of authentic traditional Chinese medicine into our Western lifestyles for a spiritually fulfilling and healthful life. It is still remarkable to me that this ancient system and its Five Element framework reflect modern science so beautifully at its most profound level. Both frameworks help us understand that deep down, everything is energy, and underpinning our reality is a state of “oneness.” We are all connected to everything—worlds within and the world without. This Foundation is a living path that is devoted to helping those we touch to become conscious of their purpose, achieve vibrant health and recognize that when energy flows freely and the body works in harmony, disease and illness have no place to live.”

Founding Director and President, 
Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation
 and the Tao of Healing; 
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