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Thanks for your interest in DWQ. We look forward to reading your application and contacting you for an interview.

Once we review your application, an invoice will be sent for the $35.00 application fee. 

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If so, please describe your experience(s). Have you read TCM: A Natural Guide to Weight Loss that Lasts (Dragon’s Way Qigong® book)?



Who Should Apply?

Psychologists, health seekers, massage therapists, doctors, nutritionists, social workers, acupuncturists, Life coaches, yoga instructors, reiki masters, and anyone who believes that energy and consciousness hold the secret to rediscovering health.

Monetary Rewards

Your financial gain is entirely up to you. We do not ask for royalties, just that you follow the program guidelines and charge at least $199 for a six-week class.

Basically, once you have taught 20 people, your initial investment in The Dragon’s Way Qigong certification program is recouped. Thereafter, your income depends on your passion and your desire to teach.

Beyond Monetary Rewards

This is a lineage based system which means, once you successfully complete training, an entire line of masters stands behind you.