Why Qigong

Wu Ming Qigong: Unlock Your Potential

While there are many Qigong systems that offer a healing focus, we practice Wu Ming Qigong, which is rooted in the teachings of the Chinese sage, Lao Tzu. His perception of the path to Tao was one of emptiness, simplicity, and humility: Nothing is everything; no technique is the best technique; let go and go with the flow. By being truly “empty” in the everyday world, a door opens to the invisible realm that underlies and supports the reality we continually experience. This connection to Universal energy can then inform and guide our daily actions. 

Wu Ming Qigong is a practice of internal energy or Qi. Through dedicated practice and study, the practitioner seeks to connect body, mind, and spirit, and harmonize one’s individual energy with the Universal, the source of all true healing.

In ancient times, Wu Ming Qigong and meditation were used in martial arts to help the body maintain wellness. At the mind level, Qigong was used to understand the relationship between the body and the mind and its connectedness to the healing power of nature. At its highest level, Qigong was used to achieve longevity and connect to the Universal. Five thousand years later, Wu Ming Qigong still offers the same tremendous healing benefits for those who dedicate themselves to this practice. Consistently practicing Wu Ming Qigong at a deep level can activate the body’s genetic code and even has the power to create healing miracles.

Not all Qigong practices are the same. Breathing and visualization techniques are offered by certain Qigong systems, while gentle movements and stationary postures are used by others. Different Qigong systems work on your energy in unique ways. We do NOT advise mixing systems, as the body’s Qi flow will be confused.