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Heart Harmony 7-Day Journey

Heart Harmony 7-Day Journey

An interactive Qigong journey promoting inner peace with Master Nan Lu. Take time this season to make yourself the priority with TCM and Qigong practice.

Dragon's Way Qigong Intensive

Dragon’s Way Qigong Intensive

Prepare to be transformed then decide if you’d like to share Qigong practices and natural healing with others.

Self Assessment Tools

Change your thinking, shift your life.

Let the wisdom of this ancient practice set you on a path toward true healing.

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Wisdom & Insights

  • Weekly Challenge: Phone-Free Moments
    Put down the phone and be present. See what’s in front of you and take time to engross yourself in it. Guaranteed, you’ll remember it!
  • A Response to Summer’s Heat
    There is an intense heat sweeping the nation. Look to Nature and follow these tips to cool down fast and simplify your lifestyle.
  • Your Body is an Organic Whole
    The human body is more than a collection of parts. When all organ systems communicate harmoniously, disease cannot enter.

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We Inspire individuals to rediscover their body’s wisdom.

Chinese Astrology

Learn about your zodiac sign in relation to the Year of the Dragon

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TCM Healing Recipes

TCM Healing Recipes

4 Energy Gates

4 Energy Gates

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