July 17, 2019

Living an Inspired Life

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere. When it hits, let it impact you. It may just change your life...

We inspire individuals to rediscover the body’s healing wisdom

We are a community of individuals that recognizes each of us creates our own reality and healing is in our hands. Our strong, Qigong-based orientation has allowed us to develop unique wellness and professional training programs. We invite health-seekers searching for ways to create a balanced life to learn about our work and discover how we can grow together.

Qigong, Foods, Lifestyle

Preventative Qigong Practice

Healthy Eating Suggestions


Open House: For Men Only

Practice with us during the Summer Solstice, Friday, June 21 at 11:54 AM (EDT). Drop whatever you’re doing and hold this posture for as long as you can.

Seasonal tune-up starts Sunday, June 23

Join Grand Master Lu as he journeys through the 5 Elements and shares wisdom on Heart health.

Final days to register.