July 13, 2018

Words of Wisdom: A Tender Heart

Throughout human existence, there have been stories of good and evil, of hatred and love, of perseverance and...

July 11, 2018

Uncover Your Inner Light

There is a light that shines within each and every one of us. At birth, that light is glowing and powerful....

We inspire individuals to rediscover the body’s healing wisdom

We are a community of individuals that recognizes each of us creates our own reality and healing is in our hands. Our strong, Qigong-based orientation has allowed us to develop unique wellness and professional training programs. We invite health-seekers searching for ways to create a balanced life to learn about our work and discover how we can grow together.

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July 15-22: Heart Harmony

A 7-Day virtual program to rebalance the body. Learn more.

August 1: Complimentary Webinar with Dr. Stephen Cowan

A fascinating discussion on the power of healing through story-ing. Dr. Cowan will discuss how the narrative becomes the meeting ground of health.  Register now.