Women’s Health

Every woman’s life is a beautiful complete cycle made-up of a sequence of intertwining life stages.

Emotions and Women

Women, by virtue of their birthright are creative individuals with unique energetic patterns. When in balance, women enjoy a sense of freedom and well-being. To maintain this state, there must be a free flow of Qi. In Chinese medicine, Liver energy manages this flow and is evident in balanced emotions. Stress and multitasking are two factors that unbalance the Liver. Qigong practice relaxes the body in an effort to begin the self-healing process. Try this Qigong practice with a partner or by yourself.  Have fun, let your emotions flow.

Natural Life Cycles

Have you thought about what it takes to create, carry and nurture life? This requires not only information, but wisdom, knowledge and creativity. And behind it all is unconditional love from the Universe. Every woman carries that unique information and knowledge inside of her. The greatest challenge for every woman is how to use that precious gift.

There is a tremendous amount of creativity involved in producing a healthy, intelligent being. But a woman’s life involves so much more than childbearing. This creativity is infused in every aspect of a woman’s life. How can you use your innate wisdom to create a beautiful, harmonious life?

Menstrual Cycle

The ancient Chinese text, Huang Di Nei Jing tells us that a woman’s Qi, and specifically her Kidney Qi, moves in seven year cycles. At the end of her first seven years, a healthy young girl’s Kidney Qi becomes abundant, manifesting itself in the growth of hair and permanent teeth.  At fourteen, Qi reaches its peak, causing the onset of puberty. The menstrual cycle begins, each month bringing the opportunity for new life. The body’s three major organs—Liver, Kidney and Spleen—allow this natural processing to occur.

The Liver is energetically the most important organ in women’s health. In order for the Liver to work optimally, it must have support from every other organ. The Liver is responsible for fertility, physical and emotional balance and flexibility, as well as the smooth flow of blood and Qi. When the Liver is not functioning in harmony, the body sends a host of signs, such as headaches, intermittent bleeding, PMS, mood swings, fibroids and early-onset menopause. The healthier you are, the longer you will maintain a menstrual cycle. If you want to ensure a natural cycle, we suggest your study our Dragon’s Way Qigong® program.


Pregnancy is a miraculous time in a woman’s life. The ability to conceive a healthy and intelligent baby is a specialty of Chinese medicine. Here we teach you how to care for yourself prior to conceiving and after delivery.


The word “menopause” isn’t in the traditional Chinese medical vocabulary. Actually, TCM calls the various symptoms that some women experience when their cycle ends simply “menstrual cycle ending symptoms.” So you may be surprised to learn that menopause is essentially a Western concept. This stage of life is a natural part of a woman’s life-cycle. During this transition period a woman has a great opportunity to enhance her health. More on menopause.

Health Concerns

Breast Cancer Prevention

A major health concern for women is breast cancer prevention.  Dense breasts, lumps, and cancers can be addressed in a preventative and restorative manner with Chinese medicine techniques. We like to share an entire interactive website, breastcancer.com, that’s dedicated to improving breast health as well as healing from breast cancer.

Meditation: Creating Inner Peace

Use this powerful breathing meditation to help you create inner peace while connecting to your ancestral roots.Check back weekly for new informative write-ups and videos compliments of TCM World Foundation.