True Healing Begins With Spirit

We are all human beings living on this Earth, sharing its resources with other living creatures. We don’t control the web of life—we are simply another integral part of it. You are an energetic force with unique consciousness and purpose. When we talk about spirit, we are talking about the essence within you that can never be extinguished. At a consciousness level, you know what you are trying to accomplish in your life. Your life’s patterns are set up to help you remember this quest. This knowledge is born with you—embedded in your being—and is there for you to discover.

So how can we understand spirit and invite it into the conscious part of our lives? When we are facing the chaos of life. experiencing tragedies, or are knee-deep in our overwhelming schedules, we often ask, “Why me?” But the reality is, everything in life happens for a reason. And everything happens for good. You may have to look at life through a different lens to see the good it brings, or you may have to wait for things to settle down a bit to see the connection between this event and another. But, in life, there are no accidents. So instead of “Why me?” ask, “How deep is my faith, trust, and belief that events are being guided by my spirit?” And try to live your daily life in a way that honors your beautiful, individual spirit.

To discover spirit, and our innate healing potential—be it physical or emotional—we have to leave the mind behind. We must realize that everything is energy—even disease and illness. Ultimately, they exist to help the spirit fulfill its promise and achieve its purpose in this reality. But the key is this: Life is meant for happiness, not misery or suffering. The spirit doesn’t need to fulfill its purpose through disease or illness. It can instead choose a path of balance and harmony.

So how do we accomplish this? At the very basic level, start with letting go—release anger, sadness and fear. Peel back the layers of emotional turmoil you have built up around you one by one, until you reach the core of who you are. Release those worries, fears, anxieties and envision them floating away. They’re not yours anymore. And once you get to the point where your mind is clear, you can access your spirit and begin to jumpstart your body’s innate healer.