True Healing Comes From Within

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that every person holds the key for ultimate health within. When a problem manifests itself, the body has the remedy to fix it—we just have to know where and how to search for it.

But people don’t often look within—at least not deep enough—to find the root cause of the problem. That pain in your leg must’ve been related to playing tennis without stretching first, and your digestive problems must be related to eating too quickly. Right? Not necessarily. Many physical problems actually go much deeper than bones, muscles, joints, and even the food we eat. Many stem from an emotional issue, and until that issue is resolved or understood, the physical ailment will continue to cause pain and discomfort. This is known as stagnation. In other words, you are stuck in something.

When this happens, most people visit the doctor to get the problem looked at. A swollen, painful ankle might be x-rayed, a migraine might be treated with medication. But while tools, technology, and medication are valid techniques in the healing process, they only provide one form of healing. They are the conduit that allows healing to flow between practitioner and patient. Tools are not the healers. True healing comes from within yourself—from spirit, Qi, and love.

TCM offers a way to look at the human body by applying principles derived from observing nature. In ancient China, it was understood that the best warrior needed only one sword. Why? The tool itself wasn’t extraordinary; it was only an extension of the individual’s talent and intuition. Healing is an affair of the heart; the true healer lies within. Go beyond technique and discover the true source of your happiness.


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