Perspective: Looking Up

Have you noticed all that continues to swirl around you when you simply stop and breathe? Birds chirp, animals scamper, trees bloom, and bees buzz. Nature fills a lot of movement into a single moment. And yet, as we look up, life below us seems to stand still. Up above, we see patterns of movement from tree tops swaying in the breeze, flocks of birds, and sunlight as it illuminates passing clouds and embraces all of life below. In looking up, we take in the ever-shifting sky, a reminder that life is—and always will be—a dynamic picture. In one moment, fluffy white clouds appear, and in another, crystal clear skies.

Life works that way, too. In our changing picture of life, the characters keep moving as events unfold. What we may perceive to be a “negative” simply just is. And allowing that energy to ebb and flow brings us to clarity once again. In these moments, we are thankful for perspective and the realization that while we may sometimes feel as if we are holding up the clouds on our own, one glance outside of ourselves reminds us of the world swirling around our feet. And we see: while life seems to stand still as we are engrossed in our daily activities, it’s not still at all. It’s the constantly moving, Qi-filled force that embraces and sustains us. And as the picture around us shifts and moves, we grow from our challenges and morph into the beautiful beings we were born to become.

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