Inspiration to Start the Week: Seasonal Intelligence

Each season has a new life, a new purpose. Earth, and everything on it—including human beings—react to seasonal shifts and larger changes in the Universe.

As the seasons flow from one to another, Nature intuitively knows how to adapt. When winter nears, some animals begin their migrations, while others grow a thicker winter coat or prepare to hibernate. Likewise, trees shed their leaves and enter a dormant state, converting their starches into sugars to lower the freezing point in their cells. Earthworms burrow deep into the soil and cover themselves in a slimy substance, while billions of microscopic organisms remain active. Nature has an innate intelligence. It knows what to do in order to ensure the survival of its species.

Humans have that same intelligence. Research shows that newborn babies, which rely on others for their survival, have a larger amount of insulating “brown fat” than adults. While humans generally lose their store of brown fat as they age, people living in cold climates can actually retain or regrow brown fat in areas of the body that detect cold, such as the upper spine and neck.

When the skin is exposed to the cold, it expends extra Qi to fend off the elements. Keeping the skin covered and the body warm, is an important way to retain Qi. One simple solution is to wear a scarf in cold weather.

The Winter Solstice is just around the corner. With it comes shorter days and longer nights. Winter landscapes seem still and silent, while invisibly, under the surface, they are full of life and motion. Each season has a different scent, feeling, look, and promise. Bring Winter’s quiet within. Find time to be peaceful and still so that your Qi can flow smoothly and allow you to experience the best that this season has to offer.