The Incredible Power of Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is an ancient medical system based on thousands of years of observation of Nature, the body and Qi. Practitioners study Qi, or vital energy, and its path through and around the body. From a TCM perspective, everything in and around your body is connected. You are tied to the seasons of Nature, and your body responds in turn.

Everything is Energy

Your physical being is an energetic system made up of interconnected organs that carry their own energetic messages.  Your emotions and thoughts are energy, too. Energy affects energy.

So how do your emotions affect your physical health? When broken down, everything is simply Qi, or energy. When Qi flows smoothly through the body’s meridian system, you experience balanced emotions, balanced weight, healthy digestion, peaceful sleep and a sense of calm. A smooth flow of Qi also leaves you creatively energized!

Conversely, when Qi is blocked, the body sends you a sign or a “symptom”. This physical or emotional message is simply an energetic imbalance in the body. Are you in tune with your body’s messages?

Practical Use

Chinese medicine is often used in conjunction with Western medicine. Integrating the two approaches helps to mitigate side effects of treatments and therapies, speed recovery from surgery and so much more. Chinese medicine can be used to address a number of health conditions. The key is prevention! Practitioners observe and address even the smallest signs of imbalance in the body, on both a physical and an emotional level.

Remember, even the smallest symptom is a message of an energetic imbalance. Chronic symptoms like headaches, PMS, allergies, hot flashes, skin rashes or vision issues, are signs that something is starting to go awry.

Left untreated and dismissed, these symptoms may eventually progress into more serious ailments. All health issues, no matter how small, are of importance to Chinese medicine practitioners.

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