Practice, Patience, Readiness: Let It Go

Imagine you are holding a cup of hot tea. The cup is so hot that it’s burning your hand! Which do you save, your skin or the cup?

That hot cup is an analogy for the things we hold on to, even when they cause us pain. We can’t let go, or we won’t let go. It’s easy to encourage ourselves to let things go, but in reality, it is very hard to do.

Grand Master Lu has offered three tips to make the process of “letting it go” a bit easier.

  1. Practice: Energy practices such as Wu Ming Qigong, meditation, dancing, and singing are great ways to help shift the stagnating energy you carry.
  2. Patience: Have patience with yourself and the change process. You might stumble over the same obstacles again and again, but that’s part of learning to be free-flowing and loose. A toddler doesn’t stop talking when she is learning to turn sounds into words. She may explode with frustration, but we love her for persisting. Patience is a gift of love we can give ourselves.
  3. Readiness: Readiness to let something go means creating a space to receive something new. Change is inevitable—it means we are alive! We might receive exactly what we want or something entirely different, but it will have its reason. Readiness is built on faith in an unknown future.

Every day is an opportunity to discover yourself and to allow your intuition to grow. Celebrate the process even more than the goal. And then, let it go.

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