Words of Wisdom: Strong Energy Foundation

Every good, sturdy building starts with a strong foundation. If the foundation cracks, it must be repaired in order for the structure to remain stable.

Two-story homes are built all the time. But in order to construct a 100-story building that can withstand Nature’s elements, the builders must first prepare a strong foundation. Without a well-prepped foundation, the building would topple and fall.

Now imagine the views you could take in on top of a two-story home versus a 100-story building. How far can you see from each? Quite the difference!

A strong foundation doesn’t only prepare a building for what’s directly above it, it affords the opportunity to go/see/experience beyond. Likewise, a strong energy foundation allows you to delve deeper within to discover your hidden potential. By practicing Qigong, you will be able to go/see/experience your own beyond. How far do you want to go?

Begin or Continue Your Practice

This standing meditation forms the foundation of many of our programs. Practice The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth with Grand Master Nan Lu.