Mind-Body-Spirit Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner. With the equinox soon approaching, it’s time to purge! Let go of everything you’ve accumulated during the cold season. Join Nature in its renewed growth and creativity.

The Five Element theory is an ancient framework of interrelationships. It helps us to understand the relationships apparent in Nature, as well as in our own bodies. For example, the Liver is the organ in command in the Spring. Liver connects to the Wood element, or the trees that grow in this season. In Spring, the landscape regains its color. Trees bloom and colorful flowers burst open with energy. Much like a tree, the Liver’s energy likes to move up and outward freely. Its roots are nourished by Earth. The Earth element is governed by the Stomach. In the body, the Liver and the Stomach have a very close relationship. If the Liver does not function as it should, the digestive system becomes sluggish.

Just as everything in Nature is connected, everything in our bodies is connected. As we transition from Winter to Spring, it’s important that we support the organ system “in charge” of Spring—the Liver. Doing so will help us to transition through the Spring season in a healthy way. When the Liver Qi flows freely, the body does not suffer from Spring allergies. At a heightened level, the Liver will also be able to give more support to the Stomach, thereby lessening digestive issues.

Let the Trees Be Your Guide

Take a cue from Nature! Observe a tree during a wind storm. Does it fight Nature and try to stay perfectly still? No. The tree stays firmly rooted in the ground, yet it moves freely in the breeze. It is flexible and able to “go with the flow.” That free form, flexible motion is characteristic of the Liver.  The Liver helps you flow through life with a freer spirit. Taking care of the Liver’s function is essential for true emotional and physical health.

The Liver is highly affected by stress and emotional drama. The first way to support your Liver is by reducing the stressors in your life. Stress replaces emotional flexibility with frustration and anger. It’s hard to avoid stress. But when we learn to go with the flow, we begin to sift through the information we are bombarded with on a minute-to-minute basis. We begin to see the things that are truly important in life. We realize that things happen for a reason. When we are flexible, we are able to change our plans as needed. We don’t get stuck in how things are ‘supposed to be’.

On the next nice day, take a long, slow walk in the woods. Allow the beauty of the new spring leaves and the healing warmth of the sun permeate your entire being. Watch as the trees flow, so effortlessly, so freely. Then imagine yourself as a tree. Move in a fluid, flexible way. Be free! Go with the flow! Never letting anything stop you from growing and freely expressing yourself.