Digesting Our Thoughts

Scientists believe we have up to 60,000 thoughts per day. That’s about 42 thoughts per minute. Of those, an estimated 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive. We, as a society, often feed ourselves a steady diet of fear, worry and frustration. When we look from the perspective of sheer volume, day in and day out, it’s clear that the quality of our thoughts really does matter.

For millennia, the Taoist tradition has understood digestion as a multidimensional process. Our bodies are responsible for digesting the food and drink we ingest. They also process information from a variety of sources. Along the same lines, we digest our own thoughts, feelings and emotions, which arise from our belief systems.

TCM views body, mind and spirit as completely interconnected. It knows that thoughts have an enormous impact on our health and wellness. Taoist wisdom teaches that belief systems can be examined, “weeded” and changed to create fertile soil. In doing so, more productive thoughts can emerge. Clearly, with an average of 42 thoughts per minute, a greater percentage of positive, healthy thoughts has the potential to greatly enhance daily life.

But Taoist thought extends far beyond the reaches of the mind. Qigong, a life-enhancing energy practice, can actually help one transcend the realm of thought altogether. Qigong offers a Universal viewpoint that can be truly liberating.

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