Create Your Own Energy Field

“Nature has Qi. Your house has Qi. Your house is an extension of yourself. How do you define yourself? Which room talks to you? Walk from room to room. Then go to different corners of those rooms. Do you feel something different in each one? Create your own energy field.” –Grand Master Nan Lu

In times of change or chaos, we often find new forms of expression—things that speak to who we truly are. How do you express yourself? Is it through the clothes you wear or the music you listen to? Perhaps you’ve dyed your hair a new color, picked up a new hobby, learned a new language or traveled to an exotic location. Regardless of how you outwardly express your inner self, many people have a desire to communicate their individuality with the world.

In doing so, we look at our own Qi and the Qi that surrounds us—that of the people in our circles and that of the natural and man-made worlds we are part of.

Nature uses the seasons to express its personality. Take the wind for example. A Winter gust is very different from a Spring wind or a Summer breeze. The air feels and even smells different in every season. Have you noticed?

Even more interesting is the spaces you choose to surround yourself with. In decorating your space, you put a mark on your home. Are you a traditionalist or do you prefer more of a contemporary style? But it goes even further than that! What colors and textures make up your design portfolio? Do you prefer clean lines or abstract patterns? Do you have a view of the city or of a picturesque mountain range? What do these choices say about you?

Now dive deeper—beyond the physical. Your house has Qi. How do you relate to the energy of your home? Many people have a certain room they most closely relate to. You may feel peaceful and calm in your bedroom, or more energized in your living room. Have you ever reorganized furniture in a given space, and noticed how different the room feels? Simply moving the same objects around breathes new life into the space. How does it feel when you practice Qigong? Do you feel more balanced in one room over the other?

Create your own energy field. Give this weekly experiment a try:

1. PRACTICE: Hold The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth for at least ten minutes every day this week. Practice in a new location in your home each day. Choose areas you don’t normally spend time in, such as a corner of your dining room or the center of your foyer.

2. NOTICE: At the conclusion of each practice, take note of how you felt in each location. Were you more or less balanced? Were you feeling depleted or was your energy buzzing?

3. MAKE A CHANGE: Spruce up the areas that are feeling a little low. You might do some spring cleaning, add a new picture or paint color to the walls, or simply rearrange your existing furniture. Remember, the goal is to express yourself. Keep going until your whole house best represents the Qi and love you send out into the world.

At the conclusion of your weekly experiment, choose a practice space for your daily Qigong sessions. And then practice, practice, practice! With a heightened energy field, there’s no stopping how far you can go!

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