Massage the Ears, Warm the Body

Many people use foot reflexology to affect the entire body. However, the feet are not the only microcosm of the body. As Grand Master Lu states, “Your hand is a microcosm. Your face is a microcosm. Your eyes are a microcosm. Your nose is a microcosm. Your ear is a microcosm. Every body part is a microcosm of the whole. Can you follow this concept?”

The ear is the body part related to the Kidney and the winter season. When you massage your ears, you’re massaging your entire body with less strength and less effort. Start from the top of each ear and work your way down to allow the energy to flow. When your ears are warm, your whole body is warm. That’s Grand Master Lu’s best tip for winter practice.


In the video below, Grand Master Lu demonstrates a proper ear massage.