Shake and Shout Your Stress Away

Stress—it’s a leading factor in most modern diseases, as shown by extensive evidence-based research. Truth to tell, you probably don’t need much convincing of its negative effects; chances are that you’re already quite familiar with them! When you’re stressed out, you often just don’t feel well. Here’s the simple holistic explanation as to why and some direction on how to rebalance yourself for whole body-mind-spirit stress relief.

Stress zaps your energy levels. Your body exerts a tremendous amount of energy recovering from the emotional wear and tear on your body and organ systems. The negative vibration of stress imbalances your organ function and impedes energetic flow, causing tension and decreased circulation as well as affecting your body’s hormonal system and homeostasis. If you’re already running low on energy from overworking and are under constant stress, this imbalance can eventually manifest as one of many chronic emotional or physical conditions.

Clearly, learning to release stress is in order! When stress is on the scene, what’s one of the best ways you can stop it in its tracks? One easy trick that helps you let it all go, in mind-body-spirit, is to simply tell yourself, “I don’t care!” Learning not to give a you-know-what about all that life throws at you is the true shortcut to a stress-free, healthy life—and the best way you can care for you.

So, let it go! Shake your body out from top to toe, imagine yourself shaking off those burdens, and tell yourself that you just don’t care; shout it out while you shake it out. It’s almost guaranteed that it’ll produce a giggle or two—and laughter is always the best and most healing tension-reliever!

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