Color Your Way to a Stress-Free Day

Many children love to color. It turns out that they’re on to something good! Coloring is a real stress-buster—and not only for kids. A study published in the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association revealed that coloring can be very therapeutic for adults.

The study showed that coloring complex patterns or designs like mandalas can actually help induce relaxation and reduce anxiety. It’s easy to lose yourself in the lacy, repetitive pattern of a mandala, for example. All other worries and concerns move to the background. The simple meditative focus of this activity combined with the pleasure of applying beautiful, soothing colors calms the mind.

A great variety of coloring books for adults are now available. Pull out your colored pencils (or crayons) and give it a try! Toss your cell phone in a drawer and forget about all those “pressing” issues, like your job, your goals, your IRA balance, or the size of your waistline. If at any point you feel relaxation setting in . . . just continue!