Words of Wisdom: Emotional Energies

Everything is energy. This guiding TCM principle helps us comprehend the world around us and our place in it. In following this teaching, we see that we are not just human beings moving in an ever-changing world. Instead, we are energy beings dancing among other forms of energy. It’s that dance that animates us and brings meaning to our lives. All that lives, moves and breathes around and inside of us is energy.

In his book, Digesting the Universe, Grand Master Nan Lu shares his wisdom on emotional energies:

Emotions are energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed; however, it has the ability to change form. If you don’t allow emotional energies to move out of your body, how will they be transformed?

Unbalanced energetic frequencies of each organ’s emotions have to be digested or processed. Suppressed emotions don’t just disappear; they can only be transformed and reappear somewhere else in the body. If you don’t deal with these energies, where will they show up next? They have to manifest somewhere.

Physical conditions are signs of the body’s attempt to communicate. Can you decipher them? When you become more flexible and open yourself to this unique interior language, you will discover healthy ways to deal with emotions and stress.


2020 has been a year filled with many twists and turns. For many, it has been very difficult. But Grand Master Nan Lu’s teachings focus on finding the good. Even if it means looking sideways to view the scene from a new lens, we search for the good in everything. This perspective helps us to understand why events unfold the way they do and how to grab hold of the good and use it to grow ourselves.

One thing this year has taught us is to remain flexible. With business closings, school closings and the new work-from-home normal, we’ve become accustomed to going with the flow and taking life one day at a time. If anything could have taught the world the beautiful lesson of savoring each moment it was this unprecedented year. So, although trying times exist, and we may struggle with the questions, “Why? How? and What next?”, looking at our emotions as energy helps us to let them flow freely, knowing that when this one moment passes, another is just around the corner.


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