Nancy’s Story: Qi Wisdom in Practice

I started Dragon’s Way Qigong® with my friend and colleague a few years ago, but I really made a transition when I retired. I simultaneously signed up for a ten-day program with Master Lu. I knew then this was the start of something new as I came to this turn in the road. I have continued with Tao of Morning Qigong since that first class. Master Lu made me smile recently when he asked us to excite him about teaching us! That led me to think seriously about what has happened for me through the practice.

I went to see Master Lu, virtually and in person, looking for solutions to my heart problem. I had a massively blocked artery and a stent put in in 2018, and I still suffered from palpitations and dizziness while walking. When he said “Liver,” I was confused and resistant. What about my Heart?

I have learned so much from the wisdom of Qi practice: change your point of view, everything happens for a reason, and smile! I knew with my head that my Heart was probably telling me to slow down, but I didn’t want to hear it. I didn’t want to change.

Looking at this past year, I have made profound changes. I have none of the Heart symptoms I complained of at my first meeting with Master Lu. At the doctor’s office, my resting heart rate was so low that they are now trying to ease me off the beta blocker I’ve been on. I explained that I meditate, which might make my heart rate low, but I’m also happy to get off of drugs whenever I can.

I have survived two hospitalizations for bleeding ulcers and Covid and have never felt better, despite some normal aches and pains. I understand the importance of changing your attitude from the inside. I stopped worrying about the symptoms. Instead, I started walking more meditatively and enjoyed spending time in Nature, and my symptoms went away! And although I’m sometimes stiff at first, I can comfortably touch my heels by the end of my practice.

I guess that’s it for now. Thank you, Master Lu, for the many smiles you have brought to my face. (It’s still pretty wrinkled, but who knows what the next year will bring!)


– Nancy Rabinowitz


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