"The best doctor concentrates on prevention instead of fixing disease.”  - Nei Jing (475-221 B.C.E.)

Dragon’s Way Qigong® has been helping people regain health for over 25 years. All health issues including excess weight and stress, are signs that the body is off balance.  We don’t believe in miracles, we trust that the body has resources to heal. Once learned, you’ll have a new sense of freedom that’s yours for life.

Why You Need This Program

Dragon’s Way Qigong is a full system of healing that gets to the root cause of imbalances. This program helps you reduce stress and rebuild energy. Our goal is to teach you how to maintain a healthy body, and enjoy a healthy life. The system includes Qigong practice, eating for healing, and lifestyle guidance. The benefits you receive are yours for life.

Find an Instructor in Your Area

All Dragon’s Way Qigong instructors have completed rigorous training and received permission from Grand Master Lu to represent this full system of healing. Find an instructor in your area and begin your journey now.

Instructor training in qigong

Become a Dragon’s Way Qigong Instructor

Through personal transformation, future instructors experience first-hand how applying the Five Element Energetic Framework and practicing Wu Ming Qigong can lead to profound shifts in health and well-being. Then, their dream of teaching this program is realized within their neighborhoods.

What Others Have Experienced

Here are inspiring stories about life-changing outcomes with Dragon’s Way Qigong. This amazing program has been changing lives for over 25 years with results that are often termed miracles. The so-called miracles are actually the result of the body flowing more evenly and enjoying balance.