"The best doctor concentrates on prevention instead of fixing disease.”  - Nei Jing (475-221 B.C.E.)

Sample Eating Plan

During the course of The Dragon’s Way you will learn about food from a completely different perspective. Food will become your powerful ally in creating and maintaining wellness. Traditional Chinese medicine values food as a source of healing and building Qi. Each food has a healing signature, or essence, that offers the body a chance to rebalance and strengthen itself.

Breakfast: Choose One

6 to 8 walnuts, lightly roasted, plus 1 cup of fruit in season

Warm Chinese barley cereal and goji berries

Egg white omelet with seasonal vegetables

Baked Apple with cinnamon and honey

Lunch: Choose One

Soup and quinoa salad

Soup and steamed veggies

Vegetables sauté over 1/2 cup of rice

Cooked pears with pine nuts or warm fruit compote

Dinner: Choose One

Vegetable sauté with roasted walnuts

Eggplant over 1/2 cup of rice

Broccoli rabe over 1/2 cup of pasta

Broiled fish 3 times a week

Eat what you crave and let the body guide you. Ask yourself, “Are you eating because you are hungry, or for some other reason?”