The Full Worm Moon: A Gateway Into Spring

Although the moon is ever-present in the sky above, we are most keenly aware of it during a full moon. Its bright light seems to hold us in its embrace. The moon’s affect on society has been documented for thousands of years. Farmers worked under the light of the moon and used the full moon’s presence each month to embrace seasonal change. The moon cycles through its phases, but takes this opportunity—once every month—to achieve its potential. Now, as Spring is beckoning, with the Equinox just a few weeks away, March’s full moon guides us to see ourselves in its light, and work toward achieving our own potential.

March’s Full Worm Moon peaks this Tuesday, March 7, at 7:40 AM (EST), just two weeks shy of Spring Equinox. Just as we’ve been preparing for Spring at the invisible level, so has Nature. As we exit the quiet solitude of Winter and embrace growth and change, we lighten our load. Closets are cleared, windows are washed, and minds are refreshed through Nature’s cleansing breeze. As we prepare for Spring, we practice our Qigong movements to energetically connect to the Qi of the coming season. These preparations help us to achieve a smooth transition into Spring.

The celestial presence of the full moon before the Spring Equinox is a powerful symbol of alignment and harmony. People all over the world have connected to celestial changes for many generations, ultimately giving rise to moon names that reflect changes occurring in Nature. The March full moon appears as Winter transitions into Spring. If you notice what’s happening around you, the temperature is slowly warming and the ground is softening. This allows earthworms to move within the soil and provides food for birds that are returning from winter migrations.

The moon’s energetic power is at its peak during a full moon. To celebrate the newness of Spring and all of the bounty to come, stand in a peaceful place on Tuesday, March 7, between 8:00 and 9:00 AM (EST), and hold The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth. If you are part of Tao of Morning Qigong, we will practice together virtually, as we tap into the immense power of this celestial gift.

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