Spring enhancement for healthy liver

Enter Nature's Life Flow: Natural Healing

The Live portion of this program is over however you can still register and enjoy all the elements of the program including a replay of Master Lu’s talks and the morning support sessions. Everything listed below will be on your private membership page.


Are you ready to unlock the secrets of Nature and discover the profound connection between your mind, body, and emotions? We’re thrilled to introduce our program, designed to help you tap into Nature’s timeless wisdom and experience the balance your body craves.

Now is the perfect time to embark on this journey – Spring is energetically aligned with Liver energy, which supports the body’s flexibility, creativity, and flow. With the guidance of Grand Master Nan Lu, you’ll explore the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and awaken your body’s true potential. Join us on this incredible journey to a happier, healthier you.

Sessions with Grand Master Lu

3 live calls exploring the mind/emotions according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Flowing with Qigong

Powerful Qigong routine to move stuck Qi and enhance healthy Liver function.

Healthy Eating Plan

Week long eating plan that embraces the essence of healing foods.

Additional Sessions

Qigong instructors offer additional practices and guidance throughout the week.

Private Membership

Access program materials including replays of Grand Master Lu’s talks on a private portal.

Registration Fee: $99.00

Optional Add ons but Highly Recommended

Herb: Xiao Chai: $24.00
Classical herb to help the body transition season to season. While this is optional, it’s highly suggested for best results.
Private Support with our TCM Health Consultant : $75  Lifestyle choices form habits that are often hard to break.  Shortcut your benefits with a private session and begin to develop your personalized healing plan.

Recap of What You Get!

  • Opening call with Grand Master Lu March 19, 9:30 AM (ET)
    Mid-Week call with Grand Master Lu March 22, 7:30 PM (ET)
    Final call with Grand Master Lu March 26, 9:30 AM (ET)
  • Additional practice sessions
    Monday March 20, 9:30 AM (ET)
    Friday March 24, 9:30 AM (ET)
  • Qigong routine: Instructional video practice
  • 7-day eating plan and recipes
  • Shopping list of foods
  • Tips to release stress
  • Private membership portal to access all materials including replays of Grand Master Lu’s calls.
  • Membership remains live until April 22
  • Private Facebook group

What Others Are Saying

I am always amazed at how Master Lu can take us further on our journey. I am so blessed to have found this group and TCM World.  I cannot explain the growth that I’ve had during the past two years. I am grateful to all.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and teaching us the root cause of our conditions to help us heal. Your organization is such a gift and blessing in my life. I am eternally grateful for finding you.

Powerful teachings. Appreciate the emphasis on quality.

Qigong has opened my eyes to a new meaning of personal development.

Heart Harmony was such an incredibly transformative program. I have been participating in  seasonal programs for a year now. Each time, profound change happens on so many levels, from letting go of excess weight, stress management, to deepening my connection to Nature and the way it presents through us.

Thank you for taking the should out of eating.  Love eating for essence and my body’s cravings.  Such an lighthearted natural form of healing.

For 3 years I’ve followed your seasonal Qi meetings and have had healings that make me feel younger and stronger and not my age! Thank you Master Lu for your teachings. My world is new.