Self-Healing Programs

As we slowly step out into the world once again, we’d like to extend our thanks to Grand Master Lu for his Daily Live Talks which offered support and guidance each week-day morning. You can find a link to the recordings below. Wishing you good health and looking forward to the future when we can meet in person.

Online Series: The Body Never Lies

In our on-going efforts to share positive community support, TCM World has partnered with Grand Master Lu to offer a 3-week series, Answers Lie Within. You can access the audio sessions on

September 13-23: Fall Prevention Program

Times have changed and so have we yet we need continued internal support to help build immunities and continue to develop inner peace.  These two factors enable us to move forward in this new world paradigm. Join us for a 10-day self-healing program.

Fall is the season that closely resonates with Lung energy.  Grand Master Lu reminds us that this fall, we must learn how to support the body and enhance healthy Lung function. The program includes two inspiring calls, Qigong practice, healthy eating suggestions and a “prevention kit” complete with herbs and teas.

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September 22: Autumn Equinox: Meditation

The Autumn Equinox signals yet another example of Nature’s cooperative framework. Seasons transition one into the other and seamlessly nurture the cycle of life. A perfect example of Oneness. We’ll use this auspicious time and tap into Nature’s loving messages with a meditation.

Join us on Facebook Live, Grand Master Nan Lu

Tuesday, 9:30 AM (EDT)

October 1: Full Moon Virtual Practice

The Hunter’s Full Moon presents itself on October 1, at 10:05 PM (EDT) and is an opportunity for us to merge with Nature and enjoy a peaceful meditation.

Let’s gather remotely at 10:00 PM (EDT) and hold the Qigong posture, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth.

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Change is such an evolutionary process. Our educational library offers opportunities to listen to various gifted teachers.