Self-Healing Programs

Most programs are held at 34 West 27 Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY, 10001, unless otherwise noted. Questions? Call us 212-274-1079.

June 25: Reducing Side-Effects with Grand Master Nan Lu

Grand Master Nan Lu shares his expertise on how to reduce the side-effects of poor eating habits, stress and over the counter drug use. This session will NOT be recorded so please register if you are able to attend live.

June 25, 7:00 PM Eastern.  Register

July 15-22: 7-Day Journey to Heart Harmony

Mark your calendars now to join one of our favorite programs, 7-Day Journey to Heart Harmony.  Grand Master Lu will use the energetic frequency of the season to help you find inner peace. This virtual program includes Qigong practices, a Healthy Eating Plan and recipes, guided meditations and more. Click here to register and learn more!

August 1: Webinar with Dr. Stephen Cowan

The narrative of our lives is rich ground. Our bodies are the soil. The seeds we plant are our stories. Some will take root, grow, and change over time. Others will remain buried, not growing but still taking up space. What we sense about our stories and how we tend our bodies can lead to growth or perpetuate suffering. Stephen Cowan MD discusses the power of healing through “story-ing” and how narrative becomes the meeting ground for patient and caregiver. As stories unfold, he contrasts label-driven, crisis-centered medicine with qi-based whole healing.

August 1, 7:30 PM Eastern.

Can’t attend live? We’ll send you the recording. Register now.

September 17: New Dragon's Way® Session begins

Come into balance with the Dragon’s Way. This 6-week session includes 10 Qigong practices, healthy eating and stress reduction techniques. Full details  

or Reserve your spot.

September 18: Lunchtime session: Dragon's Way®

Sneak away for a lunchtime practice and get your Dragon’s Way tune-up! Full details will be available August 10.  Feel free to call us with questions.


September 26: Qigong for Breast Health Training

This class is open to all women who desire a deeper understanding of how Chinese medicine views women’s health issues.  The class will include 7 Qigong movements that increase enegry flow through the breast area. This information is based on a preventative and restorative model of healing.  Our wish is that you share these teachings with women everywhere. Learn more. or Register now.

October 11-14: Building Bridges Conference

Health Consciousness: Giving knowledge Life is the common thread uniting all conference workshops at the Building Bridges of Integration for Traditional Chinese Medicine Conference, October 11-14, 2018, Reston, VA.  28 CMEs approved, and 28 PDAs granted. Complete information