Qi Thursday: A Quantum Energy Practice

Every Thursday

7:30 PM (ET) Weekly

Practicing Qigong by yourself is powerful; however, in a field of many the quantum effect is magnified. Master Lu reminds us, the more we individually heal, the more the collective power of the group increases. The Qi field is endless!

Who Attends Qi Thursday?

Qi Thursday is a free practice, open to everyone.

We teach you how to properly position yourself in a standing meditation.  The form connects body and mind with Universal Qi.

Stand from 30 minutes but if that’s too long for you now, here’s the plan. Hold the posture as long as you can, then finish the practice by sitting in meditation. The groups energy will continue to help you build QI resources.

Getting Good Results

Mark your calendars and make a personal commitment to join us each week. Amplify your Qi results by stepping into a quantum energy field with hundreds of like-minded people. This will help you establish a pattern to quiet the mind and support the body.

The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth

How to Access the Call

There’s NO need to register.  If you are currently a Basic Member you will automatically receive the Zoom link to this meditation.

*Complimentary session but you must arrive on time.  Late sign-in’s will not be admitted.