Summer Harmony, 2024

Summer sparks the innate desire for happiness. In Chinese medicine, the season is related to Heart fire.  Fire symbolizes passion, igniting within us the unstoppable drive to uncover purpose and to authentically connect with our deepest desires. This program is a dynamic experience that supports Heart Qi, bringing peace to Spirit, body, and mind. Join us for a 7-Day virtual journey into Heart Harmony.

June 23-30, 2024.




Whatever your goals, you need energy. Peaceful Qigong practices are the cornerstone for improving Qi and lifting the Spirit.

Typically do not focus on food, but this session does! Master Lu has developed an eating plan that's deliciously light and packed with Qi to nurture the Heart and its child, the Spleen/Stomach. From this perspective, the body's natural desire for balance is supported.

Now that Spirit, and body have been addressed we turn to the busy mind. To satisfy the mind, we must understand the Eastern framework related to well-being. Master Lu will lecture three times during the week providing insights into TCM wisdom and its view of the Heart. (Q and A as well)

June 23 through June 30

What's Included?

7-Day Seasonal program to enrich your playful side! Virtual experience that dives into Nature's Qi with soothing Qigong practices and the Qi of Food.

A series of meditative Qigong practices

Slow yet impactful Qigong practices are taught to encourage an overall peaceful Heart. large group practice sessions scheduled during the week.

Insights into ancient wisdom as told by Master Lu

The ancient view of health is quite different and offers us a framework to understand the needs of the body without fear or what ifs. This week Master Lu will focus on the Heart and its important relationship with the Spleen and Stomach.

Three sessions with Master Lu

  • Opening call: Sunday, June 23 at 9:00 AM (ET)
  • Mid Week call: Wednesday, June 26 7:00 PM (ET)
  • Final Call: Sunday, June 30 at 9:00 AM (ET)

One group session with TCM Wellness Counselors

Touching base, Tuesday, June 25 at 12:00 PM (ET), we'll answer questions that may be surfacing, practice the Qigong forms, and encourage your next steps. As counselors, we've been practicing with Master Lu exclusively for over 20 years each. Our desire is to share what we've learned as a short cut to your well-being.

Eating plan that nurtures the Heart and Stomach

Getting Qi from food can be simple once you understand the formula. But don't stop there, what are the requirements for absorbing this Qi and inviting the body to utilize the energy resources for maximum benefits.

Private membership with all assets including video lessons

All assets are posted on your private membership page, right here o TCM World Foundation's website. Replays of all online sessions will also be posted for your review.

Option for one-to-one private session with TCM Wellness Counselors

Need additional guidance? We can help you develop a long range wellness plan based on your specific needs. These sessions are discounted for Heart Harmony participants.

Forum to discuss TCM perspectives

A private Facebook forum is set up for you to interact with our greater community. Share thoughts, concerns, questions and be guided by one another with input from our expanding network of Dragon's Way Qigong® instructors.

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