Qigong for Breast Health Video-On Demand

Grand Master Nan Lu teaches Qigong movements that guide energy through the breast area.  This practice is for women who are looking to prevent or heal from breast cancer. Practiced daily, you will achieve remarkable results.



This Qigong practice for women's breast health is a preventative and healing option. Chinese medicine views health as an active process of energy flow.

Follow Grand Master Nan Lu in easy-to-do Wu Ming Qigong stretches and movements that can help women of any age or condition support their breast health. This ancient self-healing art of Qigong practice for breast health helps unblock energy stagnation and stimulates healthful energy flow through the breast area.

It is our desire to offer women options for healthy outcomes.  Qigong has a unique way of moving energy in the body. When energy flows, greater health is achieved. Don't wait until your body shows signs of illness, take steps now to build better health. If you're currently recuperating from breast surgery, these Qigong practices will help you heal more quickly.

Women's health issues are a specialty of Chinese medicine. The ancient system understands the uniqueness of a women's body and what it takes to create inner balance. Once achieved, this balance is reflected outward as good health.

Arrange a private session with our TCM Health Consultants to maximize results.

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  • 30 minute session-$75
  • 60 minute session-$125

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