Private Guidance: One-One Sessions

Sessions begin with an assessment of your personal wellness goals. We then develop an actionable plan to start your healing journey.

TCM Health Counselors have extensive training in Wu Ming Qigong practices, and the natural healing frameworks of traditional Chinese medicine.  TCM understands that the body is an organic whole. Every aspect of life from work to family to personal desires plays a role in health outcomes.  This is true body, mind healing.  All clients are guided using only TCM principles.



As TCM Wellness Counselors, we're aligned with the teachings and practices of Grand Master Nan Lu, OMD. and have studied exclusively with him for over 20 plus years. Our desire is to share what we've learned as a short cut to your well-being.

If you are looking for natural ways to create balance and well-being, we can guide you.

We'll help you develop strategies tailored to your personal needs and to set life goals that release unwanted roadblocks. Our system is based on the core belief that the body has enormous healing potential and that you are the main ingredient in jumpstarting this gift.

Guidance includes Qigong practices, healthy eating and suggestions to help you make lifestyle changes. Combined you will begin to develop a new relationship with your body that allows Qi, or energy to flow.  You'll understand why excess weight for example, is only a sign of imbalance.  You'll discover how to listen to your body's signals so its inner needs are met.

By developing a better relationship with your body, your potential for health and well-being gradually becomes a reality and not a wish. You are the main ingredient and everything about you is unique which is why we develop a plan that meets your body's requirements. 

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