“You come here to learn how to enjoy life. You have to discover you are sleeping under a diamond and don’t know it.“ - Nan Lu

What to Do About Covid-19

While COVID-19 has swept the globe, and life as we know it has temporarily changed, the human spirit is strong!

Life continues. Grand Master Lu reminds us that every event provides opportunities to learn and that health is a dynamic part of life.

Life is magic. Health is dynamic. It is true we need a strong immune system, but it is not the whole truth. We also need to see what the immune system represents. Simply put, it is the result of your body, mind, and Spirit working as one.”  To protect against and heal from the virus, build-up your body’s resources. Consider these steps.

Self-healing protocols

Follow these practices.

  1. Practice the Four Energy Gates daily.
  2. Eat warming foods.  Include ginger and honey in your tea.
  3. No cold foods such as smoothies and no ice. Soups and more soups.
  4. Rest and keep the body warm.
  5. Get a handle on the fear. Stop watching the news!
  6. Listen to soft music before going to bed.
  7. Purchase the Prevention Package for herbal support.

If you don't feel good

Don’t panic!  The body continually fights off viruses and flu.  The more you worry, the more you draw resources away from healing.

  • Rest, try to sleep as much as possible.
  • Eat more soups and warming foods like ginger.
  • Consider boosting your immune system by purchasing Magical Ginger.
  • Break a slight sweat by taking a warm bath.  Himalayan salts are a good addition to your bathwater.
  • We also recommend Cold Prevention Tea.  Two tea bags with honey, twice a day for 7-10 days. Once you feel better, rest for a few more days.  Continue. with the Cold Prevention Tea once daily.

Special Technique

This routine looks silly, but tis effect is profound.  Practice these circles as much as you can and teach it to your children. This routine is an old time remedy used when individuals had severe or unknown reactions.

Messages from Grand Master Lu

Gain a different perspective on how your body strives to maintain balance. There’s more to prevention than soup and rest! Learn what role your emotions play in balancing the body.


Daily Remote Practice

The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth. 

Practice this posture daily.

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