Mirror of the Universe

It’s all about you. You are a child of the Universe. No matter your perspective—religious, spiritual or modern science—you are connected to the Universe. The Universe will use you energetically, spiritually and for wisdom.

Each one of us is a mirror of the Universe. Your health represents Universal health and balance.

So how do we connect to this source? Look within. Your energy, spirit and wisdom are the gateways to connect to one another, to Nature, and to the Universe itself. When you allow that connection to build, you discover your own innate power and wisdom, which can be cultivated to bring about healing.

Start with your own body. Close your eyes and feel the love. Can you connect to this frequency? Use this opportunity to discover the power and wisdom within yourself. Experience this power, experience this wisdom and experience the fact that we are all connected.

Once you deeply understand this connection, all illness, disease, discomfort, chaos—no matter what you experience in life—becomes the path you take to go through life’s different tests and trainings. You chose this project. You chose this life. Can you see the good in all of it?

-Grand Master Nan Lu

Go Beyond!

What does “You are a child of the Universe.” really mean? In this video, Grand Master Lu shares his wisdom about the Universal energy that is in each and every one of us. Without you, the Universe would not be complete.