The Power of Qigong

When you have a wound, your body uses Qi to heal it.

When you are ill, your body uses Qi to recover.

When you eat a heavy meal, your body uses Qi to break it down and metabolize it.

When you hear traumatizing news, your body uses Qi to digest it.

Your body also uses Qi for all daily functions, like eating, walking, talking, and even sleeping. So where does that Qi come from?

With its deep impact on the body’s energy, Qigong has been used for hundreds of years as a foundation for deep healing. All imbalances begin at the energetic level–the same place “miracles” happen. A consistent Qigong practice can rebalance the mind-body connection, resolve physical and emotional issues, and even deepen one’s connection to Universal wisdom.

Qigong allows us to access additional Qi, the energy which is our life force. Once the body’s energetic wisdom is “re-ignited,” the possibilities are endless. The body is now energized to make decisions about when and how to rebalance itself. 

Join our September Tao of Morning Qigong, and discover your own possibilities.