Summer and Nature’s Intelligence

Each season has its own unique energy. Can you feel it? Winter’s quiet leads to a sudden buzz of energy come Spring, which morphs into constant movement and growth in Summer. As the weather cools once again in Fall, Nature has one final push before it begins to turn inward.

Earth, and everything on it—including human beings—react to seasonal shifts and larger changes in the Universe.

As the seasons flow from one to another, Nature intuitively knows how to adapt. In Summer, horses, humans, and other animals sweat while elephants and jackrabbits radiate heat from their ears. Many fur-covered animals shed, while others find shade under cool rocks or trees or gravitate to a water source for instant cooling. Some—like dogs and birds—pant to rid their bodies of heat.

Some cold-blooded species living in dry desert environments, such as reptiles, earthworms, and amphibians, go through estivation—a deep sleep—to conserve their Qi and retain water throughout the hottest days of summer. Often, in these environments, lakes dry out and food becomes scarce. Animals, such as the West African Lungfish, have learned to adapt in order to survive these conditions. This fascinating creature burrows into mud and excretes a mucus cocoon to protect its body. During this state, it feeds off of its own muscle tissue, and wakes again during the rainy season.

Nature has an innate intelligence. It knows what to do in order to ensure the survival of its species.

Today, at 9:57 AM EST, we officially welcome the Summer Solstice. With it comes longer days and shorter nights. Summer landscapes abound with color as blooms burst forth into life. The hottest days of Summer are yet to come. Align with Summer’s vibrancy and bring this seasonal Qi within.

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