Grand Master Nan Lu’s Thanksgiving Message

Just about every celebration is based on good. After the holidays, we celebrate the new year because we believe that good is coming. A new year is a chance to welcome new life, new things and new opportunity. But every day can be a celebration. Make life joyful. Make your life peaceful. You have a choice.

Imagine there are two trains waiting at the station. One leads you backward, while another pushes you ahead into a healthy new year. You have the opportunity to buy a ticket, but it’s up to you to choose which train you’d like to board.

It’s easy to say, “I want to be healthy.” But you must eat well, sleep well, and allow your emotions to be peaceful in order to meet this requirement. All of this has to be part of your lived life, not just something stuck in your mind. In order to get on this train, you must not only want to board the healthy train; you must put the wheels in motion and take action.

If you’re yearning for health, you cannot live a life of fear. Fear is not based on faith and blessing, it’s based on the idea that bad things might happen. Yes, that is true—in life, bad things might happen. But good things might happen, too. Why not focus on the good?

We believe that everything happens for a reason, and that no matter what happens, life will continue. Life will be a blessing by God and the Universe. If you’re grateful and thankful, your actions must be grateful and thankful as well. Care about others and care about yourself. Love others and love yourself. Connect to positive thoughts to make a positive transition into the coming new year.

Everyone wants good. We all want to board the healthy train, make good choices, stamp out fear and have faith, but through your actions, you choose which train you will board. Every action you take allows you to be part of the path.

-Grand Master Nan Lu


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