Liver Qi Self-Assessment: How Do You Stack Up?

The Liver plays a key role in helping the body manage stress on a daily basis. A hectic lifestyle, along with mental and physical stress, causes different degrees of Liver function disorder. When your body is calm, its inner vibration has an even tone. But stress and anger create imbalances that upset the smooth flow of Liver Qi. This, in turn, prevents the Liver from functioning optimally.

The Liver and its partner organ, the Gallbladder, are responsible for the smooth flow of Qi, blood, and emotions in the body. Their cooperative relationship with the Spleen and the Stomach results in a healthy digestive system. Healthy Liver function is evident in physical and emotional flexibility, as well as healthy eyes, hair, and nails. As the main organ responsible for women’s health, keeping Liver Qi flowing smoothly is key to normal menstrual cycles, reproductive health, and breast health.

Assess Your Liver and Gallbladder Health

Assess the balance of your Liver and Gallbladder with the below checklist. Which items apply to you?

__ I am easily frustrated. (Gallbladder)
__ I have trouble making decisions. (Gallbladder)
__ I am inflexible in my thinking. (Liver)
__ I have stiff joints. (Liver)
__ I have high cholesterol or high blood pressure. (Liver)
__ I take medication daily. (Liver)
__ I have a very stressful lifestyle. (Liver)
__ I have nightmares. (Gallbladder)
__ I suffer from autoimmune issues. (Liver)
__ I use my cell phone or computer regularly. (Liver, Heart)
__ I have PMS, infertility, or menopausal issues. (Liver)
__ I often feel angry. (Liver)
__ I have pain in my hip(s). (Gallbladder)

Liver Qi ReSet:

March 19-26

Spring is the best time to support healthy Liver function.

Give your Liver the support it needs to achieve better flow.

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Here’s what you can look forward to:
• Talks on Liver Qi and Natural Healing
• Emotions, Beliefs, and the Mind
• Qigong practices for Liver flow
• Energetically designed eating plan
• Support sessions