Qigong: The Practice of Inner Peace

Qigong is an energy practice. Through its beautiful forms, it helps to move Qi through your body’s meridian system. When your Qi is free-flowing, you experience good health, a clear mind, and emotional stability. This is the level we all strive for—perfect balance. However, practicing Qigong is not a one-shot deal. It’s a practice you need to commit to building and deepening day after day, month after month, year after year.

In our modern society, we are exposed to sadness, devastation, fear, worry, and stress. In addition to asking our bodies to process everything we eat, think, and personally experience, we must also process everything that swirls and moves around us. That’s certainly a lot, and some days it seems mountainous. But a quality Qigong practice, paired with a healthy eating style, and a more balanced lifestyle can help you break through, little by little, so that you come closer and closer to a place of inner peace.

Enjoy this video, where Grand Master Lu is practicing Qigong. Let the fluid movements move through you and bring you to a place of inner quiet.


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