Paula’s Faithful Wu Ming Qigong Practice

When I received notice that an abnormal mammogram required further imagining, I consulted my Dragon’s Way® instructor, Larry Stoler, for guidance. He suggested that I order Dr. Lu’s Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health DVD and begin practicing. At the next round of medical testing, which included specialized mammography and an ultra sound, the radiologist reported that he saw a lot of YUCK in my right breast. More specifically, he saw a fibroid adenoma at 12 o’clock, common in young women, he explained, but not in one my age, a flap of overlapping “something” at 9 and a large suspicious area at 11 o’clock. He said that he really couldn’t tell what he was seeing and that an MRI and two core biopsies were required. I left the Breast Health Center with a wad of paperwork and a royal case of the jitters.

I decided to space out the MRI and for the next 30 days, I practiced along with Master Lu’s DVD. I did a lot of reverse breathing, too, to help with my fear and anxiety. In the un/dressing room at the imaging center, I even dedicated spare moments to practicing the Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth before they fetched me for my time in the tube. Driving home and with two weeks to go before the biopsies, I looked forward to more daily practice. Knowing there was something I could do to improve my health, and breast health in particular, and manage my anxiety, gave me great comfort. Good news: the morning following the MRI, a surgeon from the Breast Center phoned to let me know the MRI was clear and that she was canceling the scheduled biopsies. I vowed to train and share Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health with as many women as I could reach.  PS: At my six month follow-up appointment, the same technician who had taken the earlier films said she was absolutely amazed at the difference between the two sets.

-Paula Graham

Certified Dragon’s Way® Instructor

Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health Presenter