April’s Full Pink Moon

In Spring, we experience Nature’s gifts with all of our senses. Leaves slowly unfurl, flowers burst into bloom, and grass takes on a bright green hue. Birds sing, bees buzz, frogs croak, petals swish through the air in the breeze. Even the scent in the air has changed. Have you noticed?

For all of this to happen, all of Nature must be in sync. The moon works in cooperation with the seasons just as it works within our bodies. Its patterns affect all living things and the Earth we inhabit, including the rising and falling ocean tides, as well as the breeding and hatching of various types of wildlife.

Did you know?

Certain species of sea turtles have evolved to become highly attuned to the rising and falling of the tides? They lay their eggs in the sand and time the hatching to coincide with the tides that will give their offspring the best possible chance of survival. What an incredible influence our moon has on life!

The Moon and Nature

Early Native Americans named April’s moon the Full Pink Moon, because its light illuminated rosy flowers, known as wild ground phlox, that blanketed the fields in Spring. Tribes that lived along the coast often referred to this month’s moon as the Full Fish Moon, as this was the time fish swam upstream.

On Tuesday April 23, 2024, at 7:49 PM EDT, April’s Full Pink Moon will reach its peak. The moon will appear full for three days—from Monday morning to Thursday morning.

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