Live Life Fully

If you had a crystal ball to know that you would live to be 85 or 93 or 106, would you still worry? You would know that your life was meant to be long and that you had a lot of time to accomplish your life’s goals. But would you know that those years–although many–would be well-lived and filled with happiness?

Many people think they know the secret to a long and successful life. Some feel that it’s practicing a meditative activity, like yoga or qigong. Some feel that lots of heart-pumping exercise is the key. Others feel that giving 110% to everything you do is the path to take. But when you ask an elderly person what they most regret in life, none of those things make the list. The usual answer is that they held back in some way and didn’t give their all to someone or something in their life.

The true secret to life is living it fully. We all know that our time on Earth will, at some point, come to an end. But regardless of whether you’re 18 or 98, your life is in your hands. Your time can be full of misery and worry or it can blossom with happiness. It’s your choice.

To live life fully means to not hold back. You don’t need a crystal ball to tell you how to do that. If you’re daring, lay it all out there. Go for the gold–try out for the team, make a change you’ve been wanting to make–and do it without reservation, regardless of the outcome, knowing that the adventure is the exhilarating part and at the end, you will have at least tried–so no regrets. If you’re a bit more reserved, step in slowly. Make a small change, and then another, until you can see and feel how these changes are affecting you at your core. And then step back and look at the complete picture. Ask yourself, “Has my life been well-lived? How can I live more fully?”

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