Healthy Liver, Healthy Life

Are you stuck?  Is something not quite right? It may be a sign of Liver stagnation.

Stagnation is a condition where something becomes stuck or can’t move. It prevents healthy flow of blood and its invisible partner, Qi. Blood must flow seamlessly throughout the body, and anything that prevents this from happening smoothly will cause the Liver to function at a less-than-optimal level. If you continually suppress your emotions, or your emotions become excessive or chronic, Liver Qi stagnation can result.

People with Liver Qi stagnation often suffer with PMS, breast tenderness, infertility, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, GERD, frustration, digestive issues, stroke, lack of flexibility, and migraines.

Think of the Liver as an actionable organ. It helps emotions flow smoothly and creates an environment for the body to move with ease and flexibility. Stress, poor eating habits, not-so-pure food, and medications constantly bombard the Liver.
The good news is, the Liver—as well as all of your organs—are continually striving to function at the highest level possible. Listen to the body. Learn to understand the signs. Rather than surpassing the signs with medications, learn how to use such systems as Qigong practice to help rebalance the body. Through quality practice, you can increase energy and begin to help energy flow. This allows the body’s innate wisdom to take over and begin the process of self-balancing.

Join us for a 7-Day Qigong Intensive to enhance healthy Liver function. This 7-day journey to wellness is guided by Grand Master Lu. Its benefits are amplified by your Qigong practice in the program’s energy field that’s charged by hundreds of like-minded participants all over the world. It’s all about Qi!

The program is virtual, so every one can attend.
  • Begin the program with a call from Grand Master Lu.
  • Learn specific Liver-enhancing Qigong movements.
  • Receive daily messages for inspiration.
  • Follow a healthy eating plan.
  • Enjoy our recipes.